Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Tumblr Food Love.

Well I haven't posted for a while, I'm been pretty sick with the flu so I've been doing nothing - and I mean literally NOTHING. It's a bit depressing...but Tumblr has kept me company :) I haven't had much appetite but it is returning! Hurrah! So here's a food obsessed post about my food obsessions, warning these foods are NOT all healthy or suitable for my dairy/wheat-freeness, they just look delicious! :P

This is a blueberry cheesecake but I'm imagining a morello cherry cheesecake when I look at this. Mmmmmm......

These berry sorbet popsicles look sooo refreshing. I want an ice block now, I'm glad I have some in the freezer!

Mmmm strawberries, I think I'm on a berry theme!

Oh how I wish I could eat ice cream, without terrible side effects!!

 I have the craziest craving for creamy pasta with mushrooms and chicken, mmmmmmm! Actually maybe minus the chicken, I love mushrooms!

Molgaban likes this one, now she wants chocolate cake :/ before bed? Maybe not!

Hope you enjoyed our food post! Hopefully I'll be back with some "real life" pictures soon!

- Morgan

1 comment:

  1. Heh, I had mushroom pasta for dinner :P
    Also... I made VEGAN ICE CREAM: 'twas pretty good for a first effort.

    I could go one of those berry ice blocks... mmmm...


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