Monday, June 27, 2011

Monday Memories.

So I thought I would spruce up a boring Monday with a 'Monday Memory'!

I am FASCINATED with Macro photography! Unfortunetly, and to my great surprise, my new Canon EOS 550D camera doesn't take good macro images :( - well, not as good as my old camera, which wasn't expensive at all!!
I don't have a macro lens, and without one you can only get so close to something before it won't focus...Whereas, the picture below was taken with a very old, very small, everyday camera back in 2005 I believe!

Maybe I should just try a little harder with my Canon......Nope, I really want a Macro lense!!!!

Hope you enjoyed my Monday Memory!


P.S - Can you guess what this is? ;)


  1. No I can't guess what it is...
    but Im dying to find out!!!!

  2. Hehehe, ok I'll tell you! It's the inside of a glass paper weight! :)


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