Thursday, November 24, 2011

Become Vegetarian? Don't mind if I do!

Ok so I was watching a documentary last night called 'Cherry's Body Dilemmas' (it's wonderful, if you're a lady please watch it! You can watch clips here), anywho, after it finished I started watching the next program. Now I didn't catch the name of it, I must find whatever it was! ....
AHA! I found it, and eww...It's called 'Kill it, Cut it, Use it' (you can watch clips, if you dare, here).
So, back to where we were! Cherry's Body Dilemmas, then Kill it, Cut it, Use it starts and it sounds SO interesting. It's basically about ALL the animal bi-products used in everyday things, I was interested by a picture of a book, why would a normal looking book have animal bi-products in it? Well i didn't get to that part...
The host lady was interviewing a few guys who loved sports cars with leather interior...basically she showed them (VERY graphically) where leather comes from!
I knew I shouldn't have watched it, the cow getting, uh, "put to sleep", um "HUMANELY" apparently. But now that I have watched it I can't just turn around and keep eating beef and buying leather, etc!
I also looked up the fate of chickens, pigs, and unfortunately tuna...Oh I'm gonna miss my tuna! I don't really know what happens to prawns or squid...but I think I might just steer clear anyway, probably for the best!!

So today was the first day (after last night, gah) that I tried the whole vegetarian thing. I was gonna go vegan because I can't eat dairy anyway, but I'm still not sure about eggs. Not that I eat a lot, but the ones I buy are from the town I live in and they're free-range. Also we're thinking of getting chickens for their eggies, I don't see anything wrong with eating our own free-range chicken's eggs!

Anywho, breakfast today was easy, we usually have cornflakes with rice milk! Lunch was a little harder, not that I eat a lot of meat. But tuna is basically a staple food of mine. I don't know what I'm gonna do without it, but no, just no. Poor tuna fishies!!!!
Staring into my pantry and fridge, I realized I was TOTALLY unprepared. But here's what I came up with for lunch and dinner :)

Carrot sticks with fat-free (vegan) dijonnaise and corn thins with sunflower seed butter.

(I'd actually started eating this before I remembered to take a picture, hehe)
Lentil and bean patties, garlic potatoes and corn on the cob!

I usually make "tuna" and lentil patties, I'm gonna miss them, but it's for the fishies!! 
So wish me luck, I hope I go ok and don't have to cheat when I eventually go out to eat :/ I'm a little nervous about it!
I'm sure I'll be fine!

Any tips or recipes would be great! (Especially if you're a vego mummy with vego kids!)


  1. I think it's great you're going veg!
    It's the best thing I ever decided to do!
    There are loads of great blogs and sites out there
    Heres a few I think will help you (a lot are vegan)
    Feel free to email me if you want to ask anything x

  2. Thanks Claire! I'm off to check those websites out right now!! xox


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