Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Minute Microwave Cookies!

So because I have no oven at the moment *cries* and have no idea when I'm getting one, I thought it was time I looked into 'microwave cooking'. 
The 5 minute 'mug' cake I made last week worked a treat!
But the thing I miss the most, the thing I did not think would work....

I took, and you can too, my favourite cookie recipe, shrunk it down a bit, placed it on baking paper on my microwave plate, cooked it for one minute, (yours may take less or more time, go by 30 second cooks, then check), and hey presto, MICROWAVE COOKIES WERE BORN!
Well no, actually I got the basic instructions here. :P
(The one on the right TOTALLY looks like a sleeping pac man! Lol!)


Let me know if you have any wonderful microwave recipes please!!
I hope I get an oven soon :/ 

Have a great day!

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