Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The things you find outside...

A couple of days ago we found a tiny baby Willy Wagtail that had fallen out of his nest in the pine tree in front of our house.

We popped him back in the tree he'd fallen from, we even made him a new nest! And his mummy kept feeding him, so we're really hoping he made it! 

I saw him on the ground again yesterday but haven't seen him since, he could half fly though, so he might be back up in the tree.

His mummy was feeding him butterflies...I don't really approve of that Mrs Willy! Lol...but it made for a pretty picture, because they don't eat the wings!

And then there was Miss Molgaban <3
Hope you're having a great week!
Back to my studies! *groan* :P

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