Friday, January 13, 2012

365 Project Update.

So our wedding's almost a week away, gosh has that gone fast!
Today I had my final exam, for last year, as I missed it last time because I was a bit sickly! So now it's just a count down to the wedding and chaotic craziness to get our house ready for it! We're having it at home, obviously, so there's a lot of work involved... :/

Anyway, here are my Day 12 and Day 13 pictures!

It's been sunny but cool lately, the perfect weather for outside photos! I should take more outside, natural light is so much better!! The second picture is self-explanatory, but the first one is a bunch of grapes....(hehehe)...growing on a tiny pergola outside Charlotte's bedroom. I'm hoping we can eat them once they turn red!

Hope you have a great day!

- Morgan xox

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