Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Blog and 365 Update!

Well as you can see, if you've visited my blog before, I have updated it for 2012!
I hope you like my rainbow theme as much as I do :)

And I've also got my 365 Project 'Day 10' photo to share:

Hehe, if you don't know her - this is Nahla, our 10 week old Bull mastiff X puppy. I dropped a piece of rye toast on the floor this morning :/ so that was her breakfast! I've really missed being able to give food scraps to a dog, instead of putting them in the bin!!

Nahla and I had our first trip to 'Puppy Pre-school' tonight, and I'm proud to say she was the best in class! Cheeky little bugger, lol. That was after ripping a hole in my owl pajamas this morning -_- she has a thing for ankle biting at the moment. 

Hope you have a wonderful day! (Or night, it's 12:45am here in South Australia) :P

- Morgan

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