Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Pictures a Plenty!

Why yes! My blog has turned into a wedding and 365 Project obsessed place! Oh dear :/

Well, I thought I'd share a little update of my 365 Project and one or two more photos from our wedding last Satruday. We already have about 500 photos and haven't even got the professional ones back yet! Ut ohs!

Anywho here are days 18 to 24!

Day 18 - Charlotte.
Day 19 - Our first wedding present, from our relatives in the U.K!
Day 20 - I literally had about 5 seconds to take this day's picture, lucky it was still sunny out!
Day 21 - Our wedding day, and our wedding flowers!
Day 22 - Our friend Luke :)
Day 23 - Our friend Caleb, LOL!
Day 24 - me trying to make today's picture interesting as I'd run out of time!!

And one of me taking pictures on our wedding day!

Hope you're having a great day!

- Morgan xox

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