Monday, February 20, 2012

My Vegetarian Adventures: Vegan Chicken Nuggets!

My cheeses arrived last week! WOOHOO!!
If you didn't see my last post about vegan cheeses, I bought them in Australia from Vegan Perfection and apparently they have a whole range of the same cheeses in the U.K. I'm not sure about the U.S though...Can someone tell me?

Anywho, I got my cheeses and there was an extra surprise in the box! And by surprise I mean - something I forgot I ordered. Don't you love it when that happens?! Oh the joy when I remembered!

So what did I forget? Vegan chicken nuggets of course! Refer to blog post heading :P
And being the nerd that I am I decided to take a picture of my vegan chicken nugget lunch!

It was SO yummy! The only downside for me? They're almost all wheat :( but my belly braved it for the flavours!

And I totally forgot, I took pictures of all the goodies I ordered!

Needless to say, this box of goodies made my day!!

Are you vegan? What yummy things have you found to eat?

- Morgan


  1. Yum!
    We have the same brand over here, but its blocks of cheese.
    They've improved so much over the lat few years, they used to be gross!
    Apparently in the U.S. they have a cheese called daiya, that's supposed to be amazing!
    I buy that same cheese sprinkle too!

    1. I am SO jealous of the U.S and all their vegan food!!
      I can't wait to make pasta to try my parmesan, my partner Ben always has his parmesan cheese sprinkle and I can't eat it, oh the envy!! :P
      I wish they sold blocks here too, I didn't seem to get much for my money, but I expected that.
      I did have vegan nachos last night, it was divine!!

    2. I know! The U.S. have some amazing foods!
      Check out this site
      They do a lot of vegan foods & postage is pretty cheap!
      These are so good!

    3. Wow! iherb is awesome! We have St. Dalfour's jams here, they're SO good - best jams EVER. Those crackers look delish, but I can't eat wheat :( what a poo! There's heaps of great stuff on there and reasonably priced too! Thanks!


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