Sunday, February 12, 2012

My Vegetarian Adventures.

So it's been almost 3 months since I decided to go Vegetarian and i'm still going strong! I did have a run in with an apparently "vegetarian" spring roll, which was actually a pork spring roll! I ate half of it and went, "hmm, this is pretty delicious" then looked down and saw the mince :/ I was a bit upset, but Ben was happy about eating the rest of them for me!
It has been hard finding vegetable protein, because I'm dairy-free and mostly gluten-free. BUT tonight I found a most wonderous, magical and god-sent website called Vegan Perfection. You see, in Australia we're not very, uh, "evolved" when it comes to vegan foods. And I'm usually ok with that, but when I see all the vegan substitutes from the U.S I get a little upset. BUT, and I say again, BUT, I found this website and it has a whole range of VEGAN CHEESES!!! Edam, Parmesan, Mozzarella, Blue Vein, Cheddar! Must I go on?!
Needless to say I have ordered vegan cheese, it will be here in a week, I could just cry with JOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I cannot wait to eat cheese that doesn't give me headaches and asthma and lung infections and sinus infections! Good grief am I happy!!

Ok...I am done with my rant. But....but......VEGAN CHEESE!!!!!!!!!!! Man do I hope it tastes good!! We have a "soy" cheese in the supermarket here, but 1. it contains casein and 2. it tastes like...i don't even want to say.....probably poo feet. Yup, poo feet! Hahahaha, feet covered in poo! :P
Anywho, if you are in Australia and happen to see this and happen to be in the same predicament - please, please check out this website.
Oh and they also have a huge range of soy-free products, thank goodness I'm not soy-free too, but if you are (and in Australia) go have a look! They also have a range of vegan chocolate, whipped creams, condensed milks and much, much more! Even vegan pet products!

Are you vegan? Do you have any helpful hints or website to share??

Have a great day!!

- Morgan


  1. We have cheezly over here and I think it's really good!
    The soy free one is probably the best one I've tasted, but the red cheddar one is good too
    There are loads of good sites out there!
    I'd visit the ppk forums, lots of info there

  2. I'll buy the soy-free one next time, I wish I'd bought it now!! I got parmesan, white cheddar and mozarella - omg cheesy pizzas!!.
    Not all places deliver to Australia, but I'm glad I found one :D but I'll have a look at that forum too! Thank you!


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