Friday, February 24, 2012

My Vegetarian Adventures.

I am SO excited right now...I shall explain why...

I'm not sure I mentioned, but we'd been living without an oven for about 4 months. But about 2 weeks ago we FINALLY got one - we're in a rental and after much complaining....had to replace the broken oven ourselves -_- we found a second-hand one, we wouldn't have bought a new one for a house that isn't ours :P but still, RUDE!!

So, why am I excited? It's not much really, but I've just realized that I can make ALL the vegetarian and vegan recipes I've found online - not just the ones that don't involve an oven!! How did it take me so long to realize?...........I'm a bit slow.... :P

I'm especially excited to try some of Vegan Dad's recipes!!! :D

Anyway, I thought I'd include a couple of food pictures :)

Vegan/gluten free Spaghetti Bolognaise YUM!! With special vegan Parmesan sprinkle :D
It probably doesn't look overly impressive, but MAN was it good!!

And a -not vegan, sorry about the eggs- Pineapple Upside-down Cake!
I got the recipe from and it was actually delicious!! The cake was actually the best part, usually I just love to eat the pineapple :P

Well, that's the end of my ranting. Yay an OVEN!! And I'm not ashamed to admit, in the last 2 weeks, I've baked about 10 batches of gluten-free cookies...Hehe! The shop bought gluten-free cookies taste like poo, I always seem to say everything tastes like poo....Ok, well most of them have loads of milk solids in them, and they literally taste like awful dry flour with some sort of baking soda taste. YUCK!!

I said my rambling was over!! I lied!! :P

Ok, ok, have a great Friday where ever you are!

- Morgan


  1. Oh god, vegan dad is just pure food porn! haha
    That vegan Parmesan is pretty good isn't it?

    1. I could NOT have put it better myself! But lol! TOTAL food porn! I could look at it for hours...mmmmmmmmm...... :P
      The Parmesan is amazing, it completes me! Hahaha!


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