Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Random Tea Finding...

Ok so this is what happened.

We have 4 canisters in the kitchen:
- One for black english breakfast Twinings tea bags
- One for raw sugar
- One for coffee
- One for chamomile tea bags (because I used to give it to Charlotte before bed, she wasn't sleeping well)

Anywho, a few weeks ago I noticed that every cup of tea I had, (I only have around 1 a week), tasted like strawberry jam! It was the weirdest and nicest thing, and I could not work it out - I've always used Twinings tea bags and hadn't had to buy any recently, (thanks to my once a week drinking), but something had changed. I didn't want to question it to closely, it might, you know, go away or something when I worked out I was slowly poisoning myself or something :P
Well it turns out that my mother in law cleaned our kitchen for us before our wedding and accidentally put my Twinings tea bags in with the chamomile tea bags! Hence the weird jam taste! I don't really know why it's made my tea taste like jam, chamomile definitely doesn't taste like strawberry jam!

So there you have it, now go! Mix your tea bags!! Please I beg you, do it now!!!!

I also found this cute tea on Etsy, I wonder what it tastes like, it sounds...ummm....magical? Hehehe!

And how cute is this ring?

Hope you enjoyed my tea bag story!
Do you have a tea bag story? (hehehehehehehehehe - if you get my giggling you have a dirty mind!) :P

- Morgan xox

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