Thursday, March 1, 2012

My Vegetarian Adventures: Corn!

I had a craving for corn today and I remembered I wanted to make these Baked Thai Corn Fritters from Vegan Dad, and I have this magical savoury Mexican Corn Pudding recipe from an old Women's Weekly cookbook. So we had a crazy corn night, and man was it good!! I feel very fulfilled, is that the right word? Hahaha! Here are a couple of photos of yummy corn goodness :)


Corn pud pud!

Gah, I could eat it all over again!!!!!!!!!
These aren't vegan, but they are vegetarian and gluten and dairy free :)
I'll have to post the recipe for the corn pudding sometime, it's worth sharing!!

Oh and here's a photo of vegan thai green curry we had earlier this week :)

I took it on my phone so it's a bit fuzzy, and I broke that red bowl today :( sads...and why is it that you've just washed and dried a dish, then drop and break it!? Couldn't it of broken before you went to all that effort?! Bah! :P

Do you have any delicious corn recipes??

- Morgan

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