Monday, April 23, 2012

Catching Up...

It seems blogger has excuse me if I'm a little lost!!

I haven't posted lately because we've had a lot going on, we had a lot of problems with the house we were living in (renting), and it turns out that we may have been on recycled water :/ but we don't find out until sometime this week...Luckily though we've found a house to live in and it's a lovely old cottage with a beautiful little cottage garden out the front - so we're pretty chuffed. (Hehe chuffed...) :P

But on a happier not I'm around 13 weeks pregnant! We're pretty excited already :D I might look into doing "pregnancy posts", I've read some in the past that have been very interesting so I should do some!

Here are some photos from my phone of things around our new (to us) house, I'll post some real pictures soon.

The view of the garden from Lottie's bedroom in the morning :)

Our massive bath *droooool*

And Lottie playing in her room with her favourite scarf and hat on :)

Luckily we didn't have to move far and found a new rental straight away, thanks to a someone I don't know what we'd do without! ;)

- Morgan

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