Thursday, May 31, 2012


Badger, badger, badger, badger, MUSHROOM! MUSHROOM!!!!!!!!!!!

We (Ben, Charlotte and I) found this mushroom in my mum's garden today, this is like THE crappiest photo - because I'm using Ben's old iPhone, but I don't care!

You hardly ever see mushrooms here, but it's been SO cold - not snowing, just cold and rainy - that mushrooms are starting to grow everywhere! My aunty even got some pictures of a red and white spotty one over in Melbourne...I wonder if she'd mind if I stole the picture for my blog post.....probably not!

What ate it?! I said there must be a stoned caterpillar crawling around somewhere close by...............did you get the Alice in Wonderland reference?? Charlotte loves that movie! I'm not so keen on the Disney version, it's pretty different from the book. And where is the griffin?! Huh?!!! He's one of my favourite characters!!!!

Do mushrooms grow where you live?
Also, do you know what kind of mushrooms these are??
Have a great day! :)

- Morgan

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