Sunday, August 26, 2012

Almost birthday time :)

So it's almost Charlotte's birthday! Mine was last Monday, hers is next Wednesday :) and yesterday we got a lovely parcel from my aunty who lives in Melbourne.
It was full of crafty goodness for little Molgaban, who has had endless fun with everything, especially some textas and a re-usable sticker book (which she's playing with right now instead of going to sleep!!)
Here are some pictures I took to show my aunty :)

Hehehe, she had heaps of fun drawing and making masks and things! Too bad they've forecast rain for her actual birthday :( I was hoping to do something really fun with her like take her to a wildlife park because she loves animals. Oh well!

We're moving in a couple of weeks too, I must start packing! I can't believe we're moving again so soon, but I'm excited to be settled in one place for once!! It'll be nice to be settled :)

Did I mention I had the flu in my last post? Well I still have it! This bugger just won't go away, it's driving me mad! Bah!

Hope you're having a good weekend :)

- Morgan

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