Tuesday, November 6, 2012


On Sunday we came home with baby Piper :) and things have settled back to normal pretty quickly which is nice!
Molgaban has been a great big sister so far, I'm pretty proud of her. Ben starts a new job next week and I had time to dye my hair! Woop! Hehehe, Ben couldn't understand why it would make me feel so much better, but I've gone 10 months with no dye in my hair, it was time to shove some back in!

Here are a few pictures from the last 5 days of our little changes :)

Charlotte and her baby sister :)

Our new family :)

My freshly dyed hair!

Today is the Melbourne Cup and there's a 100 million dollar lotto draw as well, Ben bought us lotto tickets and bet on a horse, keep your fingers crossed for us! :P We don't usually gamble but today is a special day, Ben's late Granddad's birthday, so we thought we'd better not waste a little good luck 'from above' so to speak :)

- Morgan

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