Monday, November 19, 2012

Things :)

Why do I always start a post with so many photos in mind but nothing much to say?! I always find it hard to ramble, I'd just rather post photos :P but then this wouldn't be much of a blog... Does anyone else feel this way?

Anywho, we got a swinging chair for Piper today. Well, Ben's mum picked it up for us, which I'm endlessly grateful for! Piper's been a bit fussy during the day and won't settle unless she's being bounced or rocked :/ so hopefully I can get some house work done tomorrow! She's been asleep in it for a couple of hours now. Joy!

I must go to bed soon, but before I do here are a few photos I uploaded today. The others from the past week are on our other computer - Ben's been using our old laptop for study, so I'm on our old one.

One of Ben's aunts made the lovely pink quilt for Piper :) it keeps us warm in our rocking chair at night!

Tomorrow's going to be the first really hot day this spring, 37 I believe :/ it might be an air conditioner day!
Hope the weather is nice wherever you are, I say that a lot, but I mean it!

- Morgan

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