Sunday, January 20, 2013


Ok so this is my first giveaway, ever, so don't laugh if you think it's lame :P

So what could you win you ask? An 8x12 photo print of my 'Tree of Life' photo (as below) OR an 8x12 photo print of any photo of your choice from my Facebook page.

How long does this giveaway run for? 1 week! 20th to 27th January 2013!

How do you enter? Tell me in a comment what your favorite photo is from my Facebook page or from my 365 Project.

Want to enter some more? 
- "Like" Maple Syrup Molgen on Facebook.
- Follow me on Twitter
- Add me to your favourites on Etsy
- Tweet - Win a 8x12 photo print on @MolgaMaple 's blog
(Don't forget to comment and tell me that you did any of the above!)

Who can enter?
Anyone, anywhere!

I'll announce the winner on Tuesday the 29th of January, if I remember, oh please let me remember!


I hope someone enters......



  1. I've said before, I LOVE the bubble photo!
    Reminds me of Labyrinth

  2. My favourite is "Presence" and I think it would go perfectly in the bohemian inspired space I'm hoping to make for baby. My next two favourites are "Feline Feet" and "Happiness in the Sun". Runners up are "Sombre", "Wonderland" and "Eat Your Greens".
    Lots of good photos :)

  3. And I added you to my faves on etsy. How had I not done that before?


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