Thursday, April 11, 2013

Autumn garden...

We've had a lot of cooler weather lately, which means that the garden has really perked back up after the hot summer we had.

Here are some photos from our time spent in the garden this week :)


 And here is Molgaban's own little pot plant garden :)

We've just planted some freesias, daffodils and lettuce :)

What has the weather been like wherever you are?

- Morgan


  1. Really beautiful photos, Morgan. The title threw me off for a second because of course it's spring here in Canada (well, it's supposed to be spring but we had freezing rain today). I'm wise to the fact that as well as your seasons being opposite to ours, your toilets flush in the opposite direction to ours as well ;)

  2. Gorgeous photos :) It looks like you've been enjoying your garden.
    We've finally got a little rain here today! E still hasn't got new gumboots, though.

  3. Beautiful photos - As usual ;)


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