Monday, September 16, 2013

A Little Holiday

A week ago we went on a little "holiday" to Ardossan, I say "holiday" because Ben was heading out there anyway to teach a course and we just tagged along. So we didn't see him much, but it was still a nice break for us :)

While we were away we visited some family in Moonta, went out for lunch with Ben's course friends, went to a playground (which was a "big kid" playground unfortunately, everything was way too high up!), we walked along the beach and I went climbing to take some nice photos of the local jetty :)

 Mummy can I climb too??

We also found some mushrooms growing with some roses in a half wine barrel at the caravan park, but the gardener must have thought they "weren't meant" to be there and removed them early one morning. Charlotte was pretty upset when she couldn't find them.

- Morgan

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