Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hoots, cameras and foofs!

Today I got a little package in the mail containing Molgaban's next "hoot" from Clairey Lou and I got a HUGE surprise...a free hoot!!! You wonderful lady! Hehe!

The one on the right is the one I bought, the one on the left was our lovely surprise!

So now Molgaban has 4 hoot hoots! And another one is on the way for her 2nd birthday next month,  a super-size hoot! Yay!

I thought I'd also include a picture of her playing with one of my disposable cameras, she kept tilting it different ways and winding in and clicking the buttons and saying "CHEESE!" I didn't realize how much she must watch me taking photos! So cute :)

Now I don't know if you have "sour-sobs" where you're from, but in South Australia they're a weed that grows in the winter time, and basically if you grew up in South Australia you ate these as a kid and know they are extremely sour...yet strangely pleasant to eat...Lol. But yesterday we found this sour-sob, which is crazily long!! The normal sized ones are about as long as your forearm, including the flowers (or "foofs" as Molgaban would call them), this one was almost a metre long I swear! It was growing inside a bush, so it grew and grew to reach the sunlight. Then we came along and picked it! Whoops!

It's nice and sunny here today, cold, but sunny. I hope the weather is nice where ever you are!

And please go and check out Clairey Lou at her Blog!
Don't forget her Etsy shop too!


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  1. This is so so lovely!
    Seeing this post has really made my day!
    Happy Birthday for next month little one!
    I hope you love your owl


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