Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Mail, Hoots and Birthdays.

Well I'm on school holidays - yay! - for 2 weeks. I can't believe I forgot how much time is needed to study for an exam! It was crazy last week!
It was my birthday on Saturday :) so we went shopping, mainly for little Molgaban - because it's her 2nd birthday next week! - then at night Ben and I got my mum to look after Molgaban for a couple of hours so we could have a bit of "us" time, so we went bowling and had some dinner at a tiny cafe we found when we went looking for a place to have coffee. Best chicken caesar salad ever!!
Here are some pictures from the last week, including some happy mail, Molgaban's new hoot and maple cookies :)

Some "happy" mail :)

More happy mail, in the form of an early birthday present for Molgaban from her great-grandparents.

 Another early birthday present from Molgaban's Nanny.

Molgaban's finished hoot!

Maple flavoured hoot cookies for my Maple birthday :) made by my best friend Sman <3


Hope you're having a great week wherever you are!


  1. Happy Happy Birthday!
    Those cookies look great! And how amazing did the pillow turn out! Lovely!

  2. Thanks Claire! There were awesome 'hoots' all round this year :P xox


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