Sunday, December 11, 2011

A Day for Puppies!

So, as per usual, I'm blogging instead of studying :/

Oh procrastination, you are a cruel mistress!!

Anyway, we bought a puppy today! She's a 6 week old Bull Arab x Bull Mastiff x Kelpie.

We get her the week before Christmas, because she's still on her mummie's milk :P

Introducing: 'Nahla' (named after her mummy 'Narla')

She's soooo cute and the sookiest of her 10 siblings!

I can't wait to get her home!!

She's gonna be one spoiled little pup!

Hope you're having a great weekend!


  1. Oh little Nahla!!!
    How sweet!
    What a lovely Christmas you'll have!

  2. Hello, my name is Emma and actually that is my house my dogs puppy! she is so cute.. Do you know my mum Kaye and my dad Rick and Obviously Narla! We kept a puppy and named it Bear :) and dont mind my name i named it this because i watch a anime and there is a girl named Yuki Horozoni -.- haha

    1. Hey! We got our "Nahla" in December 2011 from your mum and dad, we don't know them personally though. How strange that you found this post!! We were actually wondering what Nahla's siblings were like, because she is crazy! She's very friendly and great with kids but rips everything to pieces, jumps all over adults, and sits in the rain for hours! Is your "Bear" like that?? And was her mum "Narla" like that until she was older?? We're really hoping she settles down!

  3. Bear pees on EVERYTHING if we leave a fishing rod or bike etc, he will pee on it, and after he eats he will pee in his bowl and Narla's -.- He does rip things up, he wrecked our christmas lights :(. He hates water and rain so does Narla, he is also hypo and always jumps on me, but no one else, just me haha.

    How's Nahla doing? (also i got another new google account, sorry for the different names)

    1. Hi Emma!
      Nahla is CRAZY!! I'm so glad it's not just her!
      She chew EVERYTHING, she's chewed through electrical cords, our earth wire on the house we used to live in, she chews plants, our kids toys, just everything!
      And we can't give her bones because she will bury 1 bone about 12 times!! There will be holes all over the yard! She even tries to dig through concrete :/
      She jumps on us and barks at us, and she's the fussiest eater ever!!
      BUT she's the friendliest dog in the world! And she's wonderful with our kids :)
      We're hoping she'll settle down as she gets older, we think it's that bit of Kelpie dog in her that makes her insane lol.
      I'd LOVE to see a photo of Bear!! There's a newish photo of Nahla in this post -
      Thanks so much for messaging me again!

    2. Hey if you email me through I can send you a photo of Bear? :)


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