Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Maple's 2012 Resolutions.

I normally hate new years resolutions, they're nearly always about "losing weight", "quitting smoking", "eating healthier", etc, which no one ever really does. There may be exceptions I'm sure, but in the main it's always broken promises to oneself.
Well in 2011 I lost a bit of weight, eat healthier and quit smoking, due to no new years promises!
But this year I'm going to make a small personal list of goals to aim for in 2012, no crazy hills to climb here!

Here are my six '2012' resolutions:

1. Read more.
I love to read, but with studies and a little one it's very hard to fit it in. Especially when I'm knackered at night and fall asleep with the book on my face!
I'd like to read Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland first, I've got the book but never actually read it. And it's one of my favourite stories! I also just bought Hush Hush, the first book in Becca Fitzpatrick's 'Hush Hush' saga, which has been recommended to me a few times. But Amy from Amyschmamey says she loved it, and she hated the Fallen series, which was terrible, so the Hush Hush series must be good!!

2. Focus on writing more.
I've been writing a fantasy novel for, uh, almost 8 years now! And it's still not finished -_- major fail on my part!! I put it to the side so I could study, to have a "real" job...Well that degree is STILL going too. And then I found my love for photography in between that, and had my little Molgaban!
So this year I'm going to study, take photos, look after my Molgaban AND try to finish (or just continue writing) my novel!

3. Keep the house cleaner.
Studies, writing, photography and Molgaban aside - I want a clean house, everyday!! (Or almost everyday). This is probably an impossible task, but again Amy over at Amyschmamey did it! And she has twice as many children as I have! Well 3 now :P but regardless, this is what I'm aiming for.

4. Puppy School.
A small(ish) task, but none the less important. Nahla shall be the most obedient dog there ever was! (Insert laughing here!)...Ok maybe not, but I want her to be well behaved as she's going to be a BIG dog!

5. Get a tattoo.
This is probably a silly goal, but I've always wanted a tattoo, so this year I'm gonna save some money, find a design I like and get it done!!!

6. Complete the '365 Project'.
This is something I've been wanting to do for a couple of years, I hope I can keep up :/ especially with all the other resolutions I've made!! You can find my 365 Project here.

And that's it! I'm sure I could add more, but then I'd get obsessive about them all and probably quit in a few (minutes) weeks time! :P
But best of luck to myself! Lol.

Did you make any resolutions for this year?

- Morgan xox

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