Sunday, January 1, 2012

Maple's 365 Project in 2012!

Ok so I've heard a heap about the 365 project and really wanted to do it in 2012, instead of starting it half way through the year in 2011 :P
So this year I'm gonna give it a go! I have no idea what I've just taken on, some people say it becomes a bit of a chore, as I can imagine it would, but hopefully on those days my trusty  phone camera can help out a bit!

I joined the 365 Project webpage, my little page is here.

Have you ever done this project? Do you know anyone who's done it? Any tips for me?
Some of the photography on the site is amazing!!

This is my first picture (taken with my phone):

Aww, Nahla's so cute when she's asleep! She sleeps at my feet when I'm on the computer :)

Blech, still melting in the heat over here. Hope you're having a nice day where ever you are!

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