Tuesday, October 23, 2012

39 (and a half) weeks belly!

So, I'll be 40 weeks this Saturday. It's almost over!

Do you like Molgaban's troll doll face? Hehehe, look at her chicken legs!!
And Tilly cat wanted to feel special too :) I really should've got a photo with daddy in it too, oh well!

Today was the hottest day since April apparently, it was great! Tonight is even better, it's been dry all day but now it's humid - I love the humidity, dry heat makes my feet feel like they're on fire! (If that makes sense).

Hope the weather is nice wherever you are!

- Morgan

1 comment:

  1. You're looking gorgeous. I guess you really were enjoying that hot weather. :)
    Molgaban looks cute, she's doing the whole "I'm posing! See?!"
    I hate humid heat, I'm not a tropics girl at all. It's supposed to get to 36 here by Saturday. Perhaps we'll send the heat over your way when we're done with it. :P


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