Tuesday, October 16, 2012

365 Project Update :)

Well I'm still waiting to pop, come on baby when are you coming out?! I'm 39 weeks this Saturday, but I kinda want to be done now :P just sick of being tired and uncomfortable - but every pregnant lady says that around this time, and earlier!

Anyway, here's a little update of some of my favourite photos from my 365 Project lately.

From start to finish?

- Molgaban's hand on my pregnant belly :)
- Molgaban's giant frog in her room
- Snails!! (Ben and my father in law did some major gardening and disturbed all the snails, but me and Molgaban had fun watching them and taking some photos)
- Molgaban macro eye! She was really good about holding still for this :)
- Molgaban not wanting to going to bed, standing in our bedroom doorway
- Molgaban and her daddy :) cute cute.


- Morgan

1 comment:

  1. I like the first two photos best. :)
    We have snails in our garden, too, but the ones here are tiny with little pointy shells that are either white or stripy.


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