Thursday, January 17, 2013

365 Project Update.

I've officially finished my 2012 365 Project! But so many people requested that I do it again in 2013 that I am indeed doing it again!

So here are the last few photos from my 2012 project:

And I vow to try and post my new photo everyday to the blogging world, not just the 365 website and facebook :P

Here is Day 1 of my 2013 365 Project:

Gah it's so hot here today, and I hear it's freezing in the nothern hemisphere - I wonder if there's somewhere that gets nice weather all year round, I want to move there!
I complain about the weather a lot, clearly!


P.S -

I forgot to add that I took the above photo with my new macro lens! I also got a wide-angle lens, but it's been too hot to get outside to use it, so here's a photo I took with it today - inside!

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