Thursday, January 10, 2013


Here's what's been happening lately, in photo form!

Ok so they're just some photos from my mobile :)
It's been really hot here lately and we've been bored.

 Charlotte's nervous whale drawing :)
Cutie <3
 My new haircut (done by me!)
 My Ma and Piper
 Fruit kebabs, yumm!
 Smooshy face!
My watermelon child :)

I really want to see Les Miserables and The Hobbit, I wonder when we'll get time to see either...Probably when they come out on DVD. At least I forced my way out to a cinema to see Breaking Dawn 2 and got to see my Mum's reaction to Alice's twist. Hehehe!
I hope the weather cools down soon, I complained all winter and now it's too hot, I should just stop complaining! I do hate the cold though, it hurts ma bones! 46 degrees is probably a bit extreme though, I guess it's global warming at its best!




  1. So much squooshie! And a new banner photo, too. :) I've been trying to email you, but hotmail is having a hissy again.

  2. Piper looks so much like Charlotte! Cute!
    And that fruit looks yum


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