Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Family :)

Today was SO hot. We had to stay inside for most of the day until it cooled down in the late afternoon when we went around to 'Nanna's' to play in the pool :) but then Molgaban stepped on a bee! Ouch!

Before we had a swim I took some photos of Molgaban, Piper and their daddy near a bright window. Molgaban was staring out the window for a while when I realised it was the perfect light for some photos to be taken! And here they are:

Aww, I know I'm biased but my girls are just too cute!! I just want to squish them!

Thankfully the weather is going to be cool tomorrow, thank goodness!



  1. Aw, lovely. Especially the first two where Molgaban looks so happy. :)

  2. Your girls are so adorable! I just found your blog and it's very cute!
    Also, I'm totally jealous of the weather, it's winter in the states and it's about 10 degrees out all day. Gah.


  3. What cuties! I bet they all are a bundle of fun :)


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