Monday, March 11, 2013

Nothing like a heat wave!

It's been SO HOT. And I feel the need to complain a bit about it on here, sorry Polly! I know you get a lot more hot weather than we do!
It's going to be 38 degrees for the next 2 days, after the last week of it being 35+... :( bah!!

On a positive note, we braved the heat and rushed down and back to our local 'Toy World' to get a swing set/slide for Molgaban :) once the hot weather has passed we can put it together! And then save up for a trampoline ;) I can't wait!!

I'll pop a few cute photos from the week on here to add to my ramblings, I don't have any of Molgaban and I feel kinda bad! I did take some photos of her, I should email them from my phone later. I wish I could just save pictures from my Instagram on here! But alas, it won't let me.

Hope you had a nice weekend! :)

- Morgan


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