Thursday, March 28, 2013

Swing and slide.

We've had a swing set for Molgaban in boxes for a couple of weeks now, Ben hasn't had the time to put it together and I couldn't do it by myself. So last weekend Ben and his Dad spent a day putting it together, it took a while to get it up but so far it has been totally worth it! And it has the best slide! The slide can also be a 'water slide', it has a hose attachment in the back of it, I can't wait for a warm day to try it out!
Actually it was warm today, but by the time we went outside it was getting dark and I had washing to hang out. Plus there's no hose out the back, we have to keep it out the front as the dog keeps chewing it up! Oh well, another day. The only thing about Molgaban's swing set I wish was different is the weight limit, 40kgs, nope I'm not even close! Bah! It looks like so much fun!! :P

Molgaban and her cousin's had a great time playing on it! It was definitely a good end to a sad week.

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  1. Our swing-set is second-hand so I have no idea what the weight rating is on it. It does say it's for 3-9 year-olds, though, and I'm certainly not game to try the slide. E has a lot of fun on it, as I'm sure Molgaban will on hers.


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