Friday, June 21, 2013

Bubbles and Art

It's been sunny all week here, today being the exception - it's raining, so we've been outside doing things :) it's been really nice to be able to go outside. We don't have a pergola as such, so there's not many places for us to do outside activities without getting very wet! Although our dog loves to sit in the rain :/ dogs are strange....

Naturally I took my camera outside for a bit while we were blowing bubbles, I love taking photos of bubbles in the sun! It gives me an opportunity to put my shutter speed up almost as high as it can go, and the photos always turn out nice :)

Yesterday Charlotte and I decided that we would make a "doctor's kit", so I got a little white carboard box from our craft cupboard and left Charlotte to paint it. It's taking a while because each side has to dry before we can turn it over to paint the next, I'll share some photos of it finished later :)
But I left Charlotte with her paints and a large piece of cardboard, and she came up with the most wonderful piece of Lottie art :D I can gush, it's my kid :P hehe. I shared a photo of it over on my and Polly's It's a Duck blog, but it's so special (to me) that I thought I'd share it here too!

The wonder!! Apparently all out family live in little coloured "houses" on it :)

Love, love, love!


- Morgan


  1. That first photo is gorgeous, how fun! And what a little artist you have. :)

  2. I love your bubble photos!!
    Charlotte is a little artist! I love it!


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