Saturday, July 20, 2013

Fried gnocchi!

In a previous post I mentioned Nigella's 'Rapid Roastini', or fried gnocchi.
The day after I wrote about it I went to the shop and bought some packet gnocchi and promptly went home to fry it!
And I must say it was absolutely delicious is every way! I slightly ruined it by adding salt to it while it fried, note to self - packet gnocchi is sufficiently salty on its own.
Charlotte didn't like it, (wow what a shocker) but Ben and I did. Ben had it as "roast potatoes" with some chicken kebabs, and I made a vegan creamy mushroom sauce to go on mine - it was great to eat like pasta too!!

 It was unbelievable filling too, but I suppose gnocchi is normally too. Maybe I was just very "satisfied" :P
Man was it good!!

For my "creamy" mushroom sauce I used:

Olive oil
200g sliced button mushrooms
1 teaspoon of Masterfoods 'bush spice'
2 dessert spoons of coconut cream

- I simply fried the mushrooms in olive oil and bush spice until they were soft and browned, then put the coconut cream in and mixed until combined.
I was so good I almost cried...Hehehe

Oh and Nigella said she also 'bakes' the gnocchi, if she's feeling lazy. I understand Nigella, I understand! :P

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