Friday, January 4, 2013

Revisiting my 2012 Resolutions.

It's that time of year to start making resolutions, well not really, that time is probably more so before the new year! But this year I don't want to make "resolutions" to speak of, but maybe a few small goals for the year would be good.

I'll do a little 'goals for 2013' post later, but now I'd like to have a look at my 2012 resolutions, which you can find in this post.

1. Read more.

I didn't read as much as I would have liked to. I did did read the first 3 books of the 'Hush Hush' series, I only got the last one in November after Piper was born. Because it wasn't published until October 2012. And I haven't read it yet because I have literally had NO time to read :(
I also read ALL 3 of the 'Hunger Games' books, and I was addicted to them. Man were they good, depressing, but good!
I think that's it actually :( 6 books! Well maybe this could be a goal for 2013 too :P

2. Focus on writing.

Hmm...Nope this didn't happen. I did write a bit at the start of 2012, and I believe I'm half way through but with all the moving and such writing was way down on the priority list!

3. Keep the house cleaner.

Hahahaha. I laugh because we've lived in 3 different houses this year! But yes I did keep the "houses" cleaner!

4. Puppy school.

Due to my car's broken transmission this did not work out. I think I took Nahla a whole of 5 times and Ben was too busy to take her. So now she's half obedient half absolute nutcase. She's a crazy puppy and I can't wait for her to mature a bit more and settle down!!

5. Get a tattoo.

TOTAL FAIL! This didn't happen because by the end of January I was pregnant, and I didn't think it was the greatest idea to get a tattoo while I was pregnant! But this is something I'd still definitely like to do :)

6. Complete the 365 Project.

I am 9 days out from finishing this! I obviously missed a few 'photo days' over the year so I decided to catch up and finish it properly. So I think, with a bit of leniency I did accomplish this one!

Well that's the end of my list! This is why I don't make these silly lists, now I'm just disappointed that I didn't finish every one...Oh well it's kind of fun to see what my goals were and how my priorities have changed over the year!

Do you have a "new years resolutions list?"


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